Introduction For Travellers

Regarding the Lands of Terros

Terros is a wild place, a massive continent afloat in what seems to be an endless sea. Divided and fractured by rivers and seas, the continent’s mass is covered in all forms of climates and habitations. This includes frigid northlands to the fair rolling plains to the south.

In the center of the continent is a small and untouched island surrounded by turbulent currents. Known universally as the Eye of the World, many location directions are made in reference to the Eye. The turbulent seas around the island are gicen to the fact that most major rivers that divide the continent pass through the center and collide to form ship-destroying waters.

Much of the land North of the Eye is given over to nomadic tribes from all varying races and walks of life. Civilization becomes more and more primal the further North one travels, leading into almost uninhabitable spire-like mountains.

South of the Eye, one is more likely to find civilized and sporradic feudal states that are in varying states of conflict.

The entire landscape is dotted in ancient stonework ruins that seem to be constructed from stone not found locally on the continent of Terros. The historical accurracy of scribes and scholars is also extremely poor and the purpose and age of these ruins has been lost to the flows of time.

As far back as records can state, the lands North of the Eye have been settled by the barberous and nomadic tribes for several thousands of years. In more recent centuries, there have been foreign settlers who have carved out large portions of the fair open lands South of the Eye. Interactions between the various peoples of the continent is rare as the rivers dividing the continent act as natural borders.

Introduction For Travellers

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