House Rules

House Rules

As everyone knows, I’m new to the Pathfinder RPG system and I hope to create an entertaining experience for all players that won’t involve us spending half a session trudging through the Core Book. As such, many rules may be situationally thrown out the window as the story warrants, or as I forget to apply them. Here are a few basic guidlines for some elements of the game that I know may come into question.

Party Dynamics

Please respect eachother as players at the table and remember to not incorporate the drama that is likely to occurr in game with real life. We’re all in it to enjoy a good time! Also the characters will come from a very varied background and as such their loyalty to eachother will more or less be taken for granted to start.

Cinematic Combat

I love miniatures and the table top aspect of the RPG. I know we are tight for space though and as such the cinematic action is going to be taking place in the imaginations of the players. I am going to be very lenient with space and distance, as well as material spell components, arrows, amunition, etc. If you as a player wishes to keep track of these things, feel free to do so. I hope to allow players plenty of “Campfire Down Time” to allow and unspoken process of characters taking care of personal business.

Story Trumps Rules

Just as it sounds. I don’t own the Monster Manual and I’ll be making everything up on the fly as we go. That being said, if you kill a Giant in two swings, or the Displacer Beast doesn’t shoot acid instead of fire or there’s no monster like what your facing in the book, than it’s because it’s part of the story. I want to make a story where the players feel like heoroes in an epic.

Don’t Feel Bound By the System

Pathfinder and DnD are great systems for medieval fantasy, but they are not prefect. If you envision your character possessing some ability or skill not allowed by the rules, please let it be known. Consensus is an easy thing to make.

House Rules

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