Civilized Locations

Dwarven Nation of Khazad Dwaelin -
Current Monarch – Dwaelin Crognar (usurped from uncle, Gorrim Crognar
Though the name of this Dwarf mountain stronghold often changes (Khazad in dwarven meaning holdfast of), it has remained the same for thousands of years. A deep mine and massive trading hall adorn this center of commerce. Proving some of the best quality (though most expensive) craft found throughout Terros, the Dwarf hold is an isolated empire unto itself. The mastery of craftsmasnship has even extended to the shaping of a rare and magically imbued stone known as Soul Stone, for its ability to retain and focus magical energies.

Elven Nation of Lathelias-

King Elandis, the Elfwarden
Elandir Xiloscient – Prince and Enchanter
Xana Xiloscient – Princess

Hidden in the far reaches of the Northeastern forests, the Elf nation of Lathelias is a repository of magic and mystery. Keeping primarily to themselves, the inhabitants fancy themselves an offshoot of the Elven race known as High Elves in an effort to dissaccociate themselves from their more barbaric forest dwelling kin of the forests South of the Eye. Priemers in their mastery of enchantment, rarely has a magical item not passed through this realm and touched the hands of one of its artificers. Few of the citizens of this realm wander the continent offering up assistance to the wealthy lords or clan leaders who can afford them. Often the most meekly trained High Elf has magical potential surpassing that of many skilled wizards or hedge mages.

Human Settlements

Grey Haven -
Current Ruler – Lord Vargas Elgram
A primarily human settlement bordering on the most dangerous northern border of Terros, the fortress city of Grey Haven sits in the looming shadow of an ancient five hundred foot wall supposedly belonging to a long dead civilization. The citizens of Grey Haven are hardy woodland folk who live and range in the northern forests near the wall. Few venture beyond, fearing the ancient ruins to the north cursed and ominous.

Civilized Locations

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